Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Moblin Image Creator for Ubuntu 9.04

Although MIC1 is deprecated and replaced by MIC2, I think it is still the best Ubuntu image customization tool. It is pity to throw it away. I would like to resume the development and extend it to build image for latest Ubuntu version like 9.04 . The first prototype is ready. It could build image for Ubuntu 9.04. The source code is available in my github account.



Velma Tsau said...

Hi. Just curious, did you go to Dujiangyan for the deployment of XOs in the Summer? If you did or you do know someone who was a volunteer there, could you please give me some info 'cause I'd been following OLPC's activities and would love to participate. I've been sending emails with Mr. Anthony Wong and I guess it might be better to talk to someone who was actually there. contact me:

Thanks a lot.

Ben Lau said...

Hi Velma,

Sorry for very very very very late reply... Blogger didn't sent me any email for notification...

Although I am volunteer in OLPC APAC, I didn't went to Dujiangyan before (Too busy for my own job).

Do you mind to make a brief introduction of yourself? (e.g where did you come from , and what kind of activity that you would like to participate?)

Ben Lau said...

As there have too many spammer trying to spam this post , I will lock down the comment function of this post.