Thursday, March 31, 2011

DQuest 0.2 is released

Hi all,

 I would like to announce that the DQuest 0.2 is released! The API is
more powerful now!

The changes:

Feature enhancements:
 * Supported to create index
 * Supported to query for more complex rules
 * New utility class to create data model initial field

Critial Changes:
 * The usage of DQWhere class is changed to adapt a faster way of
usage. It is incompatible with 0.1.

Detailed Changes:

 * Deprecated &,| operator overloading and removed from code. It is
replaced by && and ||
 * Changed the definition of constructor. The left operand pass to
constructor is restricted to data model field only. It is not
compatible with old code
 * Improved the operator overloading mechanism. It become a more
powerful class
 * Supported to query by compare the value on different field. The
following query become possible:
 - select * from table where field1 = field2
 * New supported operators: &&,||,+,-,*,/,

 * Supported private field

 * A new class for sqlite indexing

 * Supported bool and QStringList as the template type T
 * Added operator T() casting. It can be casted to T automatically.

 DQBaseField::get() / DQModelMetaInfo::value() - Added a new argument
 * It is true if the QVariant return should be converted to a type
which is suitable for saving. It is designed for type like QStringList
which is not supported by SQLite backend by default.

 * Change this connection to be the default connection
 * operator == / !- compare is two connection share the same database

 * Added new function select()  - Construct a new query object with
only the fields assigned in result
 * Added new function orderBy() - Construct a new query object with
required sorting order
 * Added new function setConnection() - Set the database connection

 * A new class, it provides a stream interface for reading and writing
data model field

 * A new class, it is a utility class to create the content for DQList
object with predefined field

 * Added new function save() - Save all the contained item to database


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